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I begin each student's study by focusing on their ability to learn pieces from rote and by ear. In this way their first involvement is directly with the piano and the music itself, rather than with a struggle to learn notation. Only gradually do I introduce the printed note; and only after the student has begun to feel confident about their ability to play the instrument relying only upon their ear and memory. Eventually, all the elements of playing, reading, and writing music are introduced, but in their natural and most productive order. Adults or older children who already have some experience will, of course, be handled somewhat differently, but still will focus upon my "ear-guided" method of playing. In this way, old habits fade away quickly in favor of a new musical freedom.

I look forward to working with every one of you and your children!

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♫ Steven D Coburn, Ph.D. ♫
Convenient Kensington/Windsor Terrace location.
Only minutes from Park Slope and Ditmas.
Easy access from Ocean Parkway, Prospect Expressway, McDonald Avenue, Coney Island Avenue or Prospect Park.
Near the F-train, G-train and the B67, B68, B69, B35 and B16 buses.

I have set my fees not only to reflect my skill, experience and demand, but also to ensure that I do not overbook my schedule so that I can be very generous with the time and effort I devote to each student. As all of my current and former students will attest, the scheduled length of each lesson is the absolute minimum amount I give them.

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